• Nano-Ionized Water

    The nano-ionized water series products are based on a new point solution method, using electric power to decompose pure water, without synthetic surfactants or chemicals, and have the characteristics of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, safety and environmental protection.

  • Low Pressure & Temperature Waste Water Reduction Equipment

    This equipment utilizes patented vacuum technology to separate the water and the waste from the industrial waste water by high vacuum and low temperature distillation, to achieve energy saving and waste water reduction.

  • Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning agents-Etimol from EMIL OTTO

  • Emil Otto Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning agents from EMIL OTTO

  • Electronic Flux

    Electronic flux from EMIL OTTO

  • Ethyl Alcohol

    Ethyl Alcohol of Food & Beverage Grade / Industrial Grade / Pharmaceutical Grade / Cosmetics & Fragrance Grade

  • VOC Treatment System - VOC BusTer®

    The patented photocatalyst filter of VOC BusTer can treat most kinds of VOC. Moreover, the HEPA filter and active carbon filter can enhance the efficiency of the VOC BusTer. Give you safe and fresh living environment.

  • Cleaner for Dispense Needles - WIPER

    Automated cleaning of dispensing tips and nozzles using a textile ribbon.

  • Temperature & Humidity Control System for Aspheric Processing machine

    Temperature control under ±0.1°C, Humidity control under±2%, great improvement for the precision and stability of processing. Adapted for all brands of ultra-precision processing machine, measuring, biotech and medical equipment.

  • Heating Jacket

    Applied to pipe heating and insulation.